Aza was born and raised in Grand Rapids MI, where music was a strong part of his upbringing.  Influenced by a variety of styles and genres as a producer Aza has become one of Grand Rapids best kept secrets.  In the last fifteen years he has produced Hip-Hop, R&B, Gospel and Alternative Rock.  Aza has developed a reputation for bringing undeniable energy to any project that he is apart of.

            “My goal with this project is to take Mary to a new level.  I think it’s time for her fans to experience Mary Dailey as not just a singer, but as a writer as well.  In this album we will capture the same anointing and expression that her fans are blessed with in a live performance, giving her traditional sound a little more edge without changing the Mary that people have grown to love.  Working with Mary and her team of musicians has become an awesome opportunity to show myself to be a versatile producer.  Together we will deliver a project that has already been said to be Mary's best album yet”



Don started his musical career at the early age of five.  He began on bongos.  Later Don honed his drumming skills and soon became good enough to accompany his mother and father’s gospel quartet group known all over this country as the Sensational Gospel Tones.  When Don’s parents, Alfred and Juanita Charleston saw that he had a true gift for drumming, Donald was promoted to group drummer.  Don moved on to the guitar and also became the manager for the Gospel Tones.

 Currently, Don is married to his wife of 19 years, Telisa Charleston and they have a 10 year old son, Darius Charleston.  Don expresses the following concerning his gift:

 “As long as I can remember, there has always been a love and passion for music.  God has put this gift inside of me and I must share and pass it on so that the people may be blessed.”

“I really thank God for Mary.  She is my spiritual sister in the Lord and we have been musically connected for some years now.  She has an unique flavor when she sings.  It’s as if she knows what people need to hear and she gives it all she has every time and the hearers are blessed!!”



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